About Me

Who am I?

I am Personal Development and Branding Connoisseur. I am a certified coach and public speaker and have been privileged to speak in and out of my home country, Nigeria. I inspire, coach, motivate and teach my clients and audiences to discover their inner assets and to perform at their highest levels of expressions. I do these using transformative story-telling and coaching methodologies to create a readiness and insight for action so that they can break the shackles of limiting and obsolete beliefs to become successful versions of themselves.

What do I do?

 I help aspiring and dedicated individuals go from confused to smashing success by using my unique 5-level recipe to create influence and eminence and success. Over 800 people have benefitted from my numerous speaking and training and coaching programs, the most popular being the Profitable Goalsetting series. I am the founder of The Personal Branding for Success on Facebook; a community where valuable content is constantly shared on how to meaningfully brand and equip yourself as a leader in your niche. I also host The Other Side podcast. When I am not helping my clients build successful brands, I am designing and planning architectural and interiors for them. 

How can I Help You?

I have captured my value in various ways and you can find them in my; trainings, webinars, speaking engagements, books, workbooks, templates, consultation sessions, audio and video courses, private and group coaching programs and done-for-you services. 26 | P a g e You can access my materials by booking an appointment, following my social media handles, join my mailing list, signup for coaching programs, purchase my offers, read my posts/ blogs and articles on various platforms. 

Ochudo Ayi