It’s time to crush Goals!

As a personal development coach, I help my clients gain the influence, impact and financial reward that comes with building a successful personal brand, helping them identify and build systems that will position them for global success.
From working with several business owners, entrepreneurs, executives via my resources, published works, trainings, workshops and accountability programmes to achieve their personal and business goals, I began to understand where the challenges for most people lie. And those challenges will be resolves in the course of the programme.

MODULES include:

  • CLARIFICATION OF GOALS: Myths and facts, The litmus test, profitable goal features.
  • MIND AND VISION MANAGEMENT: Mind work, visualization, aligning your vision and goals with your current capacity,
  • GOAL MAPPING STRATEGIES: Before during and after you set your goals.
  • PRODUCTIVITY HACKS: energy management and strategies for staying motivated and committed.
  • INCOME MULTIPLICATION STRATEGIES: Identifying profitable methods to achieve financial goals, profitability of goals.
  • Branding strategies and essentials.
Over the next 24 weeks, our tools and resources, live group sessions, private sessions, execution mojo through the five main modules will help you gain insights and receive powerful life-changing strategies that will help you create lasting transformation, unlock your fullest potential and live at a higher, deeply fulfilling level.


  1. If you have struggled to maintain the right momentum after the initial euphoria has passed.
  2. If you have set goal and failed to achieve them consistently.
  3. If you struggle to connect with your goals.
  4. If you are overwhelmed with decision fatigue.
  5. If you have a lot of decisions to make and people to manage.
  6. If you have lost the desire to pursue your goals.
  7. If you just need hand holding.


  1. Identify what limiting beliefs are holding you back
  2. Identify the set the right goals
  3. Manage your vision and energy
  4. Establish the right habits and routines.
  5. Spare you costly mistakes.
  6. Boost your confidence as you chart your progress.
  7. Achieve your goals.


In my over 15 years of professional work life, I have made relative progress without being aware of exactly what I was doing to achieve some of the successes I had achieved.  It was mostly trial and error.  A few ago, I decided to commit myself to achieving some personal goals, and that decision basically changed my life trajectory.
 In the last 3 years, I have achieved several goals and witnessed tremendous personal growth that has given me the opportunity to train and mentor hundreds of people to experience self-discovery and personal fulfilment using goal setting techniques. I became nicknamed as the goal setting queen.
These methods have been proven to improve self-awareness, efficiency, proficiency and effective management of time and energy leading to higher success rates.
Through this accountability programme, I will be unlocking my entire blueprint and providing you with the clarity, tools, perspectives, mindset, strategy and actionable steps to help you actualize your goals at personal levels.
In the coming weeks, alongside other like-minded participants, this programme  will inspire true growth and success.
To register, kindly pay N25, 000 to the account details below:
Name: Ochudo Ayi
Account Number: 2016762309
Bank: First Bank
Or you can pay directly using your Debit Card here: https://flutterwave.com/pay/accountabilitypartnership
Send your payment details to ochudoayi1@gmail.com
Thank you.


I have set goals many times but under Ochudo, I have finally begun to to see my goals become realities. I recently published my first e-book “Magic with Words”. I can tell you that it was possible because she taught me to take little consistent steps and track my progress”.   
– Mrs Nguper Afiemo

… You demystified and simplified that art of goalsetting. The value I gained far exceeded the fees paid”.
– Barr Ohis Ehikweme (Barr at law)

“… the workshop can simply be referred to as “goalsetting made easy” because Ochudo during the class and 6-week accountability poured her heart out into tutoring on the real psychology behind setting smart goals and the impact of creating daily routines that will draw me closer to achieving my goals”.
– Mrs Juliet Eke.