Set & Crush Goals Masterclass

Goal – setting is a lifelong skill to acquire. Year in, year out, many people attempt to set goals but fail to achieve them.

The year 2020 was particularly challenging for a lot of people because many of them gave into the belief that their goals could not be achieved.

Some others know what they need to do but can’t find the motivation to sustain the pursuit of the goal. 

The 2020 Goalsetting Workshop

After Hosting Several Goal – Setting Classes, The Knotty Areas Have Emerged And These Are The Areas We Hope To Address In This Goal Setting Masterclass:

• If You’re Stuck And Frustrated.
• If You Give Up Once A Little Challenge Shows Up
• You Cannot Sustain The Momentum To See The Goals Through The End.
• If You Simply Have Failed To Achieve Major Goals In Your Life.
• If You Have Never Set Or Achieved Anything Major Life.

Then Get Ready To Learn How To Turn Desires And Wishes Into Goals:
• How To Determine What Techniques Work For You
• Why Many Fails At Goal – Setting
• What Goals Are And How It Can Be Used To Change Your Life.

I’ll be showing you how I have aspired, prepared and executed my goals. I’ll share secrets to sustaining the momentum and overcoming obstacles and the techniques that always produces results.

On Sunday, 27th December, for just 5,000.00, by 7 PM, on Zoom, Come with loads of goalsetting questions.

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Name: Ochudo Ayi

Bank Name: First Bank 

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Give 2021 a reason to make sense.


– Ochudo Ayi