I once traveled to a part of my country I am not familiar with. After driving for a bit, it became clear that we were lost. So we called people who could help.

The first thing they asked us was where we were. When we could only mention the state, they asked for any landmarks we had passed . Then they asked us for any bill boards, what the houses looked like, soil colour , how the people dressed, language they spoke e.t.c

With the descriptions and a guide we eventually have to hire, we were led out of the wrong route back unto the right road. This time around we took note of our surroundings, landmarks and paid more attention so that we could get to our destination succesfully.

This incident reminded me of how life is. We start out with the intention of becoming succesfull but life happens and many of us end up lost. We are completely of track and while some of us know this, many people do not even realise they are lost.

They continue to forge on without stopping to ask themselves if this is the life they want for themselves and if not, what to do to retrace their steps back.

Every great leader who made that great leap will tell you , there came a point when they took a step back from daily activities and retreated to ask themselves very important life changing questions.

I undertook my first retreat after my pastor encouraged me to . My mentor then helped me put proper structure so as the understand the science behind personal retreats. It has become a regular part of my yearly activities. The results continue to amaze me.

I recommend everyone to undergo a personal retreat if you want to make real sustainable and unstoppable progress in your life.

Asking yourself questions can be confusing and even difficult sometimes. So to make this easy and enjoyable, I developed what I have called THE ULTIMATE PERSONAL RETREAT GUIDE. This guide will show you how strategically plan your escape from mediocrity and make most of your personal retreats.


  • What a personal retreat is and its benefits.

  • Types of retreat and how to determine which suits your lifestyle.

  • The critical areas to take stock

  • Multiple trigger questions

  • And what to do with your discovery moving forward.

To order: https://flutterwave.com/pay/personalretreatguide

Or pay 2,500k to First Bank , Account No: 2016762309 and DM me the Screen shot. The download link will then be sent to you.

Having the life of your dreams is more than just a dream. It requires careful and intentional planning and this Retreat Guide will jumpstart you on that journey.

I am rooting for you.

Ochudo Ayi
Your personal cheer leader.