As a young Architect, I nursed the dream of running my own successful firm. One day I was referred to work on the guest house of a very influential man. (I didn’t know at the time). I got to work immediately, finished the work in record time and waited for my cheque.

Instead of a cheque, I received bucket load names because they didn’t like some part of the work.

I was so stung I cried like a baby.  That was many years ago. I learnt from that experience and improved on my next delivery.

This year, as my life followed a different trajectory I remembered this story above.

I remembered that after that terrible confidence shattering incident, I not only recovered, I began to flourish and thrive.

Sometimes, accomplishing our goals can be like that. You can experience a rough spell now and that can change the next moment just by tweaking a few things.

So even if you are tired, overwhelmed, depressed, broke, experiencing loss of confidence, ill health, confusion, stagnation, failure …

Join Chioma Momah and me as we help you;

1. Recreate your vision board and learn how to use it effectively.
2. Gain clarity and self-awareness.
3. Learn how to craft your goals so that they can be achieved with ease.
4. Identify the habits you need to achieve these goals.
5. Tools to keep you consistent and efficient.
6. Be part of a 12-month accountability group.
7. Get a copy of “The Ultimate Guide to Transformational Personal Retreat” book.
8. Enjoy the company and support of like-minded persons.
9. Great meals and a revived spirit.

Date: 18th December 2021
Time: 9 am
Venue: For registered participants only.
Fee: 30k for live participants.
        20k for online participants.

To register, kindly pay to:
First Bank
Ochudo Ayi

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